19 June 2021

Lucia Calamaro

Born in Rome, Lucia Calamaro is a playwright, director and actress. She moves to Montevideo and after a degree in Art and Aesthetics at the Sorbonne, she starts teaching at the Universidad Catolica de Montevideo and collaborating with Rialto Sant ‘Ambrogio in Rome. Then she founds the Malebolge Association giving substance to her personal scenic writing with: Medea, tracce, di Euripide (Medea, footprints, by Euripides)Woyzeck; Guerra (War); Cattivi maestri (Bad teachers)Tumore – uno spettacolo desolato (Tumor – a bleak vision) and Magick, autobiografia della vergogna (Magick, autobiography of shame). L’origine del mondo (The origin of the world) wins three Ubu awards including Best New Italian play and the Enriquez Award for direction and dramaturgy. Editoria e Spettacolo publishes her Il ritorno della madre (The Return of the Mother), – edited by Renato Palazzi – which gathers: TumoreMagick, and L’origine del mondoLa vita ferma (Life at a standstill) and Si nota all’imbrunire (It can be seen at dusk) are finalists in 2017 and 2019 Ubu awards. In 2019 she wins Hystrio award for dramaturgy. Currently she is working on the play Darwin inconsolabile-un pezzo per anime in pena (Brokenhearted Darwin- a piece for restless souls), produced by Sardegna Teatro. She has been teaching at the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome since 2019.Her texts La vita ferma and L’origine del mondo are published in France by Actes Sud and in Italy by Einaudi.